You Never Know


  1. You Never Know Betsy Carter 2:47

You’ve seen the bumper stickers or the fish symbol on the back of the car as they cut you off and drive like jerks! And you wonder if they remember the “witness” they are being! That’s the kind of thing that inspired this funny little song. I used it in concert with some friends that acted as my kids in my “car”, what fun! But it’s also a serious thing, because we actually do not ever know what impact we are having on the world around us. Let’s be careful to not be the jerks! Let’s be like Jesus, so others will have more of a chance. Let’s love them enough to swallow our pride and silliness and “act like somebody”, for Jesus’ sake and for the sake of others!
You never know who is watching
As you’re passing by
You never know who is watching
As you catch their eye
So let Jesus show
‘Cause you never, never know
A silent witness
Moments occupied with the stuff of life
Unexpected and many times
Completely unsuspected
We’re saying much more than we know
So let’s let Jesus show
You never know who is watching…
A crowded market
Feeling down you smile instead of frown
Then without warning
You meet again that
Brand new Christian friend
You’ve helped them somehow to grow
‘Cause you let your Jesus show
You never know who is watching…
It’s like the time when the
Traffic’s jammed and all three kids
With groceries crammed
Inside the car are screaming for a drink
And as the ice cream melts
You’re thinking you will
Scream yourself then blinking hard
You remember the slogan
On your bumper sticker
And you thank the Lord
Your children are good lickers!
(Here, drink the ice cream)
‘Cause you never know
Who is wathing as you’re passing by…
oh, and we’re not foolin’ when we say
That Jesus rules our lives
And we’re sincere when we pray to save
The passersby, ‘cause they’ll
Never know, they’ll never know
They may never know
If we don’t let Jesus show
(c) Betsy L Carter
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