You Gotta Decide


  1. You Gotta Decide Betsy Carter 3:26

I was in a situation where some highly respected Christians disagreed with certain direction I believed the Lord had given me. I took it to heart and searched Scripture and prayed fervently. And another dear Christian brother told me I had to decide who I would follow. Sometimes it’s hard to go against the opinions of others, especially if you are a submissive person. But we have to learn, in humility and in willingness to be taught, to stand for what Jesus desires in our lives. This has always been a challenging area for me, as I fight that people pleasing quality. I firmly believe in accountability one to another. However, we do ultimately have individual responsibility for our obedience.
You gotta decide
Who will you follow
And who means the most to you
Make up your mind
Whose opinion you value
And who do you really choose
You’re finally feeling confidence
You’ve studied the scriptures
You know what God’s told you to do
Then someone you love disagrees
And before you know it
You’re completely confused
You gotta decide…
No one is perfect
And we’re to submit to
Those in authority
And we need to consult with our
Christian brothers
So we don’t go off in extremes
But in our life’s decisions
All have opinions
And people will disagree
So when God has spoken
Through His Word
You’ve got to learn to stand firm
God’s given His Spirit
To show us His values
Weigh your decisions with prayer
No one can stand for you
On the day of judgement
You’re the one who’ll have to be there
You gotta decide
It’s Jesus you’ll follow
He’s most important to you
Make up your mind
His opinion you’ll value
And He is the one you will choose
You gotta decide ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Make up your mind ooh ooh…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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