You Could Be Someone


  1. You Could be Someone Betsy Carter 4:06

As I was driving in a busy city, I saw a dirty, seemingingly homeless man who appeared so dejected and lost and I was suddenly overwhelmed by compassion for his plight. He could be someone! And I realized that one of the greatest gifts Jesus ever gave me is value. I am beloved. I have worth. This world is crying out for that identity. I believe many times people commit audacious crimes to be noticed, to say see me, I am somebody. People pursue riches, and love, and fame and it never can fulfill that deep need. We become “far greater than we ever dreamed we’d be” because we become conformed to the image of Jesus, we become the righteousness of God in Christ!! I cannot even fathom what that means. We are far wealthier than the richest who ever lived. We have it ALL. We have Jesus!!!! I pray that somehow God will reveal this to mankind. You know, He does that through us. Father, use this song to help people become who You’d have them be: Your children. This may possibly be the best song as far as message He’s ever given me. It goes to the heart of it all. We need to be someone: HIS! That is the depth of the riches of His love.
You could be someone
With Jesus in your life
You could be someone far greater
Than you ever dreamed you’d be
Heir to the throne of God
Partaker of His riches
Of love and joy and health
And peace for all eternity
You could be someone
With Jesus in your soul
You could be someone with laughter
That makes you perfectly whole
Filled with His holiness
Partaker of His nature
Renewed in mind and thought
And speech
A child beloved and well-received
You could be someone
With Jesus in your heart
You could have life that seems
Impossible with the power
That He’ll impart
You could be saved
You could be healed
You could be free from your sin
You could be someone
And now’s the time to begin
You could be someone…
Ah ah ah ah ah ah…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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