1. You Betsy Carter 5:59

While watching a famous contemporary opera on TV with my son, I was inspired by the lovely lilting music and the lead male vocalists’ performance. I was studying the book of Hebrews and contemplating the completeness of Jesus’ sacrifice and His Priesthood. I wanted to express that greatness and glory, somehow! So many times I fall short of being able to relate how the Holy Spirit has stirred my heart. I hear an awesome song from Heaven in my head and we do our humble best to duplicate it. But it never is as wonderful and it has become my driving ambition to somehow exalt Him as He deserves. Indeed, EVERY knee SHALL bow!!!! You are so glorious and worthy, Lord Jesus!
You who formed the stars
And You who made the sea
And all that’s in it
You came the form of man
And You who calmed the sea
And walked upon it
You are seated on
Your throne on high
And You are exalted as Lord
And every knee shall bow
And every tongue confess
That Jesus is Lord
And all the world will
Worship You
You are seated on…
That Jesus is Lord
That Jesus is Lord
And all the world will
Worship You
And all the world will
Worship You
Worthy is the Lord
Worthy is the Lord…
You are worthy…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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