Wings of the Wind


  1. Wings of the Wind Betsy Carter 4:07

I love to play and sing this song. The imagery in Psalm 18 is amazing. And I see Him reaching from the cross as verse 16 to draw me from the deep waters of sin. The Lord gave me the piano accompaniment first as I worshipped at the keyboard and studied the Psalm. Can you imagine soaring with Jesus on the wings of the wind? I think we can in our spirits!
In my distress I called to Him
And He heard my cry
He left His temple to rescue me
And reached down from the sky
High in the heavens
On God’s cherubim
We ride as He soars on
The wings of the wind
Lightning and roarings
Of thunder applaud
His flight through the clouds of
The glory of God
Stars in the heavens
All bow down to Him
The Son in His brightness
On wings of the wind
In my distress I called to Him
(c) Betsy L Carter
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