Walk Humbly


  1. Walk Humbly Betsy Carter 3:44

I put so much pressure on myself to perform to my own expectations. My nature is to please and achieve and I have been guilty of stressing myself and scurrying, literally, after what I believe I should do. I’ve had to learn to walk with God, at His pace. SO difficult for me! Even my family would get aggravated because my pace would be faster than theirs. I have learned not to pressure myself so much, to relax and simply enjoy my relationship with the Lord instead of trying to do the things I believe He wants me to do. He doesn’t require near as much of me as I require! But what He desires is all that counts.
I’ve been frantically fixing
The things in my life
I thought needed repair
I’ve been hurrying, scurrying
Trying to see that the
Lord was getting His share
But nothing is all I’ve done
And nowhere is where I’ve been
So I’ll sit right here till He
Makes it clear how I need to begin
Walk humbly with your God
Walk humbly with your God
That’s the whole requirement of man
To walk humbly with your God
Walk humbly with your God…
So I’m finally forgiven the
Faults in my life
I’ll stop feeling condemned
And I’m willingly, thoroughly
Crushing my pride and I’ll
Hand it over to Him
‘Cause He sees what I’ve done
And He knows where I’ve been
Yet He loves me still and He’s
Patient till I’m up to walking again
To walking humbly with my God
Walking’ humbly with your God…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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