Vessel for Honor


  1. Vessel for Honor Betsy Carter 3:13

I have experienced what this song expresses. It came from the crushing of God that brings forth the lovely fragrance of His Spirit. I have learned to cherish and revere that remolding by my loving Potter. It isn’t a pleasant process, but always produces good ultimately. My daughter earned her college vocal scholarship singing this song. What a blessing!
By Your choosing I am a vessel
By Your hand, a chosen vessel
A vessel for honor, chosen for beauty
By Your choosing I am a vessel
By Your hand a broken vessel
A vessel remolded, broken for using
A vessel, vessel for honor
A vessel by Your own choosing
Broken, remolded for Your using
By Your choosing we are Your vessels
By Your hand chosen vessels
Vessels for honor chosen for beauty
(c) Betsy L Carter
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