Ups and Downs


  1. Ups and Downs Betsy Carter 3:26

Emotional stability. The Bible has a lot to say about self-control, temperance, patience, moderation but we tend to be led, not by the Spirit, but by our emotions. Our emotions can be altered due to food additives! While the good Lord created us as emotional beings, we must let His Spirit, through the truth in His Word, guide and direct our lives. I found a great victory in realizing that I could say no to myself, by the power that dwells in me because of Jesus, and do things that I didn’t FEEL like doing. And so many times if I began something I should do, not feeling like doing it, that pretty soon my emotions about it would change and I often would even find joy in doing it! It was such a relief to not be tossed to and fro by emotion! It can be a great victory and of course is a daily discipline, but as we study, learn and grow, it becomes more manageable. And I believe it allows us to more accurately reflect the life of Jesus.
Ups and downs, ups and downs
Smiles or frowns, smiles or frowns
Thorns and crowns, thorns and crowns
We oughta be up when it all comes down
We oughta be up when it all comes down
Crying, eating, smoking
Sleeping all the time
Don’t we whine
Emotion choking
All devotion out of mind
Don’t you hate to whine
Oh those ups and downs, ups and downs…
Living, dying, rising
Living evermore in the Lord
Spirit hear it
Love so near the heartsore
Don’t you love the Lord
Ups and downs, ups and downs…
There’s a place to go, a cool plateau
A place that’s slow where there is peace
All your ups and downs can come around
To level ground where heartaches cease
And no more ups and downs, ups and downs…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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