To Know You


  1. To Know You Betsy Carter 3:33

Still the desire of my heart…knowing Jesus and being known by Him is what it all boils down to. He even said that He will tell many to depart from Him because He never knew them. (Matt 7:23) The more I know the Lord, the easier it is to discern His will for me and to understand life. I begin to think more like Jesus, so that my thoughts are more Godly and my decisions are wiser. And the way to know Jesus is to study and apply His Word. This is how He reveals Himself to us.
To know Your will. Ah Father
Sometimes I’m so out of step
I’ve tried so hard, Ah Father
To please You and to be what I should be
And yet I’ve been still so dissatisfied
Until Your Spirit told me as I cried
I need to know You and the joy of Your life
Just to know You – the end of all my strife
To know You Lord as I am known
To worship You upon Your throne
Just to know You
In Your Word You said
Lean not unto Your own understanding
Acknowledge Me and I promise that I’ll
Direct your path. And I began to see
That I didn’t have to know my ministry
I don’t need to know Your will for me
I need to know You…
It’s all that I can say
Just to know You in that very special way
With me in You and You in me I’ll never fail
To know Your will for me
You mean everything to me; just to know You
It’s such a mystery. I need to know You
(c) Betsy L Carter
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