To a Little Boy


  1. To a Little Boy Betsy Carter 3:05

My sweet Momma wrote the “poem”/lyrics in a birthday card for me and I immediately received the melody. It became a moving part of the musical drama Dear Master, and then as part of The Second Day presentation. Mary the mother sings it to her Son as she watches Him die and receives His body into her arms. Powerful!
Dear little Lord Jesus
Your momma loves You so
And Your Father in Heaven
Smiles as He watches you grow
So play little Lord Jesus
Play while You may
For all too soon comes
The dawn of a terrible day
When men will reject You
And the news that You bring
That You are the Messiah
That You are the King
They’ll betray You and scourge You
On a cross crucify
The Light of the world
Will lie put out and die
But the powers of this earth
Cannot hold You down
You’ll ascend to the heavens
And there wear a beautiful crown
So play little Lord Jesus
While Your Father on high
Plans for Your future
When He’ll have you nigh
But Mary Your mother
With many a sigh
Clasps You to her tightly
And sings lullaby
(c) Betsy L Carter
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