This Gift


  1. This Gift Betsy Carter 3:13

This song came about in the most unique, amazing way! I ministered with my anointed friend Pam Hill. I had written lyrics called This Gift, inspired by Romans chapter 5. Pam had this great music and arrangement, so beautiful and classically inspired! As we rehearsed one day, we each mentioned what we had and we found that the words and music fit EXACTLY together and were so good and appropriate as one song. We were awesomely blessed that God would do such a thing for us!
There is a gift that’s totally free
It was bought by Jesus on a cruel tree
This gift we humans cannot comprehend
It’s beyond our limits to understand
By one man named Adam was all mankind cursed
But much more by one Man
Is all the earth blessed
This Man Lord Jesus reached from Calvary
And purchased sweet fellowship
Between God and me
This gift of righteousness
Right standing with God
To be one with the Father
The Spirit, the Son
In communion with our Maker
Nothing else can compare
This gift of righteousness
For all to share
He sees us as holy if we will believe
He sees us as cleansed and
He’ll gladly receive us
Into His presence, His goodness to know
The blood of our Savior
Washed whiter than snow
This gift of righteousness…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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