THE SECOND DAY (complete musical drama)


Complete musical drama

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(Narrations adapted from “Dear Master” narrations written by Pam Hill and Betsy Carter)
1) Narration
2) Dear Master
3) Narration
4) They Bruised Your Lovely Head
5) Narration
6) Calm Your Child
7) Narration
8) To a Little Boy (lyrics by Stena Owen, my music)
9) Narration
10) To Serve Him Without Fear
11) Narration
12) Judgment Day
13) Narration
14) Show Me Now
15) Narration
16) Mary’s Ballad (music and lyrics by Pam Hill)
17) Narration
18) Be of Good Cheer
19) Narration
20) He’s Moving Among You (music and lyrics by Pam Hill)
21) My Prince of Peace
22) Narration
23) Jesus; What More Can Be Said
Tracks 24 thru 28 are not in “The Second Day” presentation. There is also a shorter version of “The Second Day” that ends after “Be of Good Cheer” with different narration.
24) Dear Master (full version)
25) Calm Your Child (full version)
26) Judgement Day (original song)
Tracks 27 and 28 are rewrites of “My Prince of Peace”, making two songs used in congregational worship.
27) Prince of Peace
28) Risen King