The Invisible Man


  1. Invisible Man Betsy Carter 2:19

In my secular job, I came upon my first experiences of actual persecution for being a Christian. It was nothing serious, but it made me realize how different I was. I am in love with Someone that can’t be seen. This song was used at church with my good friend Thom playing “the invisible man”, all wrapped up in bandages! It was great. I have found that often some of the deepest messages will be well received through comedy.
I’ve seen those looks you give me
All your wonderin’ stares
You think I’ve lost my marbles
Maybe I’m not all there
Singin’ and talkin’ to the clear blue sky
I know it seems funny
But here’s the reason why
The Invisible Man, He’s my Friend
The Invisible Man, I’ll love Him til the end
Well I guess you think I’m crazy
Falling in love with the Invisible Man
I may not see Him but I know He’s there
I know I can’t touch Him
But He answers my prayers
He gives me spiritual eyes to see
And ears to hear
And one day soon He will reappear
The Invisible Man…
Oh the physical around us is not all we’ll see
The spiritual is with us oh most definitely
Our eyes and ears and touch
And smell can’t tell it all
Our hearts must hear the message
When He gives us the call
For one day sure He will appear
Wipe away all the doubt and fear
Comfort every cryin’ tear
And who knows, sisters
It could be this year
The Invisible Man…
Who Who Who? Jesus
Well, I guess you think I’m crazy
My friends all think I’m crazy
This world thinks that I’m crazy
Fallin’ in love with the Invisible Man
(c) Betsy L Carter
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