The Cross


  1. The Cross Betsy Carter 3:57

I feel this is a true revelation from Jesus. In my quest for purification in my lifestyle, I realized that there was a lot I could do by exercising the gifts of the Spirit: self control, or self discipline. We also renew our minds with the Word of God, and choosing to apply it and actually do it and not just read it. But as I saw this picture of crucifying our flesh, I realized there’s no way we can finish the job ourselves. It MUST be completed by the supernatural act of His grace to change us into the new creation through the born again experience and the baptism of His Holy Spirit.
Holy Father I wish to yield
This flesh that weighs me down
My desires, my will all Yours
Your glory to abound
I need the death which with it brings
The soul such sweet release
And till I reach that place in You
I know I’ll find no peace
I’m able if I strain and stretch
To reach both of my feet
And with tremendous effort I
Can make their end complete
With my right hand maybe I can
Set my left hand free
But I can never finish Lord
Please come and rescue me
Come, Lord Jesus, with Your hammer
I give the task to You
You can take my other hand
And drive the last nail through
Oh please, dear Father, come and aid me
Pierce me in my side
Death to self; life in You
Purified; crucified
Holy Father I wish to yield
(c) Betsy L Carter
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