Thank You Lord


  1. Thank You Lord Betsy Carter 4:30

During private worship, I began playing the piano and thanking Him and this song came forth. I have learned to make a habit of thankfulness, especially to the Lord. But I also have developed the habit of thanking others often so that they not only know I appreciate them and their kindnesses towards me, but also to help me keep a thankful heart. You know the old saying “count your blessings”. I truly believe this leads to good mental health and happiness in life.
Thank You Lord, thank You Lord
Thank You Lord for Your love
Thank You Lord…
Thank You for abundant life
Thank You for the joy and
Strength I find in knowing You
Thank You Lord…
Thank You for abundant grace
Thank You for the promised place
I have enthroned with You
Thank You Lord…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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