Sweet Victory


  1. Sweet Victory Betsy Carter 4:00

Wow, this song is personal! I hope that as Christians we all struggle against sin. I have my share of stupid moments when I goof up and repentance is pretty much a daily thing for me. The sanctification process is very painful sometimes. We are called to be like Jesus, but boy does it take some toll on the pride and ego, huh? But my heart’s desire is to walk in that sweet victory over sin, that I might be who Jesus desires me to be.
You won’t ordinarily find
The best of times
Being in a state of shaping
On the Potter’s gentle wheel
But you’ll find in the fire
The strength to gain sweet victory
To die to ourselves isn’t fun
It brings pain and tears
And sometimes great fears rise within
We fear to even begin
But He promises sweet victory
If we’ll give in to Him
Let Him bring you through
Let Him bring you through the fire
Let the gold shine forth
Like the morning sun
The work will be done
And you’ll have won
And be able to shine
But it will hurt
You’ll have times
When the pain is so great
That nothing seems to help
And you just have to wait
Every birth has its length
But when it’s done the pain’s forgotten
Let Him bring you through…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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