Sweet Lord Jesus


  1. Sweet Lord Jesus Betsy Carter 3:26

The wonderful scripture in Zechariah 13:6 was the inspiration for this sweet ballad. Also, one of my favorite scriptures is in Isaiah 1:18 because I struggled a lot with “faith”. I thought it was “blind belief” and nonsense growing up, as I was taught as an atheist. I still respect analysis and reason, but have come to realize that until we know Christ, we cannot even begin to understand how to reason because we don’t have all the facts! God assured me that I could reason with Him. That He was not upset if I questioned and sought greater understanding, and His loving patience has “reasoned” me into a strong faith! He is truly the Shepherd of our souls, gently leading us into truth.
Sweet, sweet Lord Jesus
Shepherd of the soul
Laying down Your life and Your love
You Who are greater than all
What are those wounds in Thine hands
One shall say to Him
That which I was wounded
In the house of my friends
Sweet, sweet Lord Jesus…
Come let us reason together
Sayeth the Lord
Though your sins they be as scarlet
They shall be white as snow
Sweet, sweet Lord Jesus…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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