1. Stronger Betsy Carter 3:53

I went through a time of great loss and grief. I was tempted to be very discouraged and fought despair. I knew it was a sin not to trust God, but when things go wrong for an extended period of time, it can be very difficult to take heart and cling to hope. But as I came through it, I felt I was stronger, with more depth and a faith that I would never have had if I hadn’t been put through the experiences. I am stronger than I’ve ever been, because I am weaker in my own strength! When we have no strength left, then God’s strength is there for us! At a seminar during that time I heard a word of encouragement about how God has the “game” rigged! The bridge of this song is about that teaching and it meant a lot to me. We are winners in Christ Jesus over every difficulty and sin.
So many things have happened
So much change, so much pain
So much grief, I need relief
But when all is stripped away
In each precious day God remains
And I’m stronger than I’ve ever been
I have vict’ry over sin and I’m
Stronger than I’ve ever been
God says I win. And I’m
Stronger than I’ve ever been
Satan this is not the end ’cause I’m
Stronger than I’ve ever been
And I’m gonna win
God says I win
Singing songs at midnight
I will praise, things will change
Now it’s one past midnight and my
Future’s lookin’ bright
In this brand new day I will say that I’m
Stronger than I’ve ever been…
It’s my Father’s ball, it’s my Father’s bat
Holy Ghost is referee, angels are on deck
I’m on Father’s team, it’s my Father’s game
Jesus wrote the Rulebook, and it’s
In His holy Name that I’m
Stronger than I’ve ever been…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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