Sometimes Eternity


  1. Sometimes Eternity Betsy Carter 4:03

It’s easy sometimes to feel overwhelmed. Looking at our circumstances is human, and allowing fears, sadness, disappointments, grief and loss to toss us is a common weakness. Sometimes only Jesus can truly understand the pressures we face and He is actually acquainted with all our weaknesses. And He does have blessings for us not only in eternity, but in this life as we allow Him to make us the overcomers we are meant to be.
Sometimes eternity doesn’t seem real
And I can’t help but listen
To the way that I feel
I know my way out is to
Praise Your dear name
And deep down inside I really do
Feel the same
But lately the cares
Of this world rushing in
Have tossed me and pressured me
‘Til I can’t seem to win
So I cry and I hold onto
Hopes and to dreams
Knowing full well it’s not
As bad as it seems
‘Cause You aren’t only
Interested in eternity
You’ve planned a bright future
Right here for You and me
And since You learned by suffering
Then I will too
‘Cause the desire of my heart
Is to be just like You
Da Da Da Da…
Nah da da da…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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