Individual Song Titles
A Child’s Heart
All Are Filled
All Those Times
Almighty God and worship
Always Matters
Answering Door, The
Battle’s Yours, The
Be of Good Cheer
Best is Yet to Come, The
Bottom Line
Bow Down
Bread ‘n Lentil Stew
Break My Heart
By Faith
Calm Your Child (The Second Day version and original song)
Celebrate Around the Throne
Children of the Resurrection
Choose Messiah
Christmas in August
Cling to the Lord
Come Cleansing Rain
Cover Me
Creature of Earth
Crossed Over
Cry Out and Shout
Dance for the Lord
Dear Master (The Second Day version and original song)
Dearly Beloved
Do You Know Jesus
Doubtin’ Thomas
Dry Bones
Easy and Light
Encourage Yourself
Eyes of the Lion
Face in a Dream
Faithful and True
Fall Upon His Grace
Far Beyond
Fragrance of the Father
Glory Glory Glory (lyrics by me and Jennifer Carter, my music)
God is Working
God Will Make a Way
God’s Point of View
Going On Trusting Him
Good News
Great I Am, The
Great Restoration of Joy
Have You Ever Really Thought
He Breaks Our Chains
He is Lord (music Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata)
He is the Vine
He Will
He’s a Dreamer
Heavenly Star
Hey Don’t You Love Jesus Today
Higher Hotter
His Peace is Mine
Hold On(arrangement Betsy Carter & Pam Hill)
Holy Ghost Graffiti
Holy of Holies
Holy River
Honestly Worship
How Can I Doubt
I Believe You Lord
I Chose You
I Give You the Praise
I Welcome You
If I Should Die Tomorrow
In His Hand
Invisible Man, The
Jesus Came
Jesus First
Jesus is the Star
Jesus Precious
Jesus What More Can Be Said
Judge Not
Judgment Day (The Second Day version and original song)
Jurassic Park
Keep Me Right
Kept By His Love
King of Kings
King! King! solo and duet
Knowing Jesus (Makes Me Cry)
Let All of the Earth
Let God be God
Let Him In
Lift Your Voice
Look Up
Lord Reigns, The
Love is There
Love Letters
Love of My Heart
Lover of Music
Man of Vision
Man vs Man
Manger, The
March On
Marriage Song
May the Words of My Mouth
More Than Servant
Moving Up & Onward
My Champion
My Four Cats
My Prince of Peace
Never Alone
New Shelter
No Slave to Sin
Nobody Else
O Holy One
Oh Jesus
On My Knees
One Cause
One in the Father
One True Friend
Only God’s Love
Only in Jesus
Our God is a Holy God
Picture This
Place of Rest
Playin’ Games with God
Power of Jesus
Praise and Rejoice
Prayer for the Castaway
Precious Lamb of God
Press On
Prince Moses
Prince of Peace
Psalm 100
Psalm 34
Pursuing Jesus
Receive My Praise
Ring Through the Hills
Risen King
Room at the Altar
Say Say No No
Serve Him Out of Gladness
Show Me Now
Sing for Joy (additional lyrics Gary Carter)
Sometimes Eternity
Song of Nicodemus
Special Friend
Standing Ovation
State of My Heart
Stir It Up
Strong for You
Supernatural Paradox
Sweet Lord Jesus
Sweet Victory
Take My Life
Thank You Lord
The Cross
There Will Be Peace
They Bruised Your Lovely Head
They Piped (But We Just Wouldn’t Dance)
This Gift (music by Pamela Hill, my lyrics)
To a Little Boy (lyrics by Stena Owen, my music)
To Know You
To Serve Him Without Fear
Totally Loved (Love is the Power)
Touch Your Lord
Traveling With God
Two Lonely Gardens
Ups and Downs
Vessel for Honor
Voice of the Lord
Waiting Days
Waiting for the Sonshine
Walk Humbly
Walking on Prayer
We Are Gathered
We Extol Thy Greatness
We Love You
Whole Heart
Wings of the Wind
Without Jesus
Worship You Alone
Worshipping Warriors
Worth the Wait
You (additional lyrics Nick Carter)
You Could Be Someone
You Gotta Decide
You Never Know