Show Me Now


  1. Show Me Now Betsy Carter 2:50

I am guilty of being a “doubting Thomas”. I was brought up atheist and taught to use logic, reason, critical thinking; to depend upon intellect. Faith was not even thought about and never talked about. But that kind of world view leaves emptiness and despair sooner or later. So as the sweet Lord gently used my intellect to lead me to Himself, I struggled for years with severe doubts. This song is my true, heartfelt cry for Him to take over my life and “make” me believe! He is so faithful and over time as I learned, I believed more and more. And doubt became less and less of a problem for me. This song became a hallmark in the “Dear Master” musical and in “The Second Day” presentation as a song by the doubting disciple Thomas.
God give me a willing heart
With the courage to perceive
What You want with my life and then to do it
I’ve been lost and groping
With questioning and doubt
And I need reassurance from Your Spirit
Show me now, this day
Your perfect and blessed way
In my life that You might have me totally
Give me strength, give me might
Help me purge from my mind
All reluctance and fear
Renew me in my heart
Make me totally sold out in my heart
Make me totally committed in my heart
Help me to give all my all
Help me never to fall
From this call You’ve placed upon me
In my life, this day
Help me choose the finer way
That will make me what You would
Desire me to be
Show me now, this day
Your perfect and blessed way…
Renew me in my mind
This day help me know the better way
Help me go where You say
Where You’ll use me
In my life this day
I commit to You my way
Make me willing to give You
My mind and my life
And my heart
(c) Betsy L Carter
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