Serve Him Out of Gladness


  1. Serve Him Out of Gladness Betsy Carter 3:25

I can remember a time when I served God more out of fear than love. That is bondage! Then the Lord showed me how much He loved me and that He wanted me to serve Him BECAUSE I loved Him. We don’t want our children fearing us, we want them to obey because they trust us and know we love them and only want the very best for them. Same thing with Father God! It is SUCH a joy to serve Him from a heart of gratitude, and I do so gladly because of who He is in my life.
If you serve Him out of fear
Well you’ve missed all the fun
Serve Him out of gladness
That’s the way it should be done
He didn’t buy our pardon
Just to bring us back again
Into fear that all our failures
Would condemn us in our sin
Serve Him out of gladness
Serve Him out of gladness
Serve Him out of gladness
As a child of liberty
No fear can now beset us
No, our righteousness is sealed
As we stand in love and power
With our faith as our shield
So dear sister and dear brother
Don’t be so weighted down
Just look up and fix your eyes
Upon the prize, upon your crown and
Serve Him out of gladness…
And as you keep on pressing
Toward the mark your spirit sees
Just remember that He loves you
And His child you’ll always be
He bought our way to changing
Into creatures that can see
And behave the way He wants us
So we’ll live in liberty
So serve Him out of gladness…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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