Say Say No No


  1. Say Say No No Betsy Carter 2:59

I believe we all struggle in our fight against sin. There is tremendous power in our words, and if we will find in Christ the will to simply say “no”, it goes a long way to strengthen us in times of temptation. In our liberal society, it’s a very old fashioned idea to say “no”, but it is our right and duty as Christians to stand up for what God says is right. They say truth is subjective, but this is an evil lie because our Jesus IS the Truth, and only God has the legitimate authority to decide what is right and true. We need to embrace His decisions in this matter and ask for His help to conduct our lives according His standards.
True true friends
Won’t expect you to bend
What you believe
True true love
Won’t demand you to risk
Your future, you can wait
Say say no no no
It’s okay you know
To do what is right
You can fight temptation
Say no, it’s okay
It’s okay, it’s okay
It’s okay to say no, no, no
Oh, hey, hey, hey
Take a stand
Dare to hold out for all
You can become
Take a chance
True romance in God’s time
You’ll have it all
Say say no no no
It’s okay, you know…
And you’ll feel so good
About yourself
Oh, say say no no no
His Spirit inside you
Will guide you, say no no no
Don’t be in a hurry
Just fight it, say no no no
Oh, hey, hey hey
Say say no no no…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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