Room at the Altar


  1. Room at the Altar Betsy Carter 4:07

This song is one of my few country songs, but that genre felt appropriate as I told of how I came to be saved. It’s based upon my true experience at age 11. And He’s the same today as He was that day. There is always room at His altar of mercy!
As a young little girl
In a small country church
The Lord called me just as I was
But the altar was full
And I was so small
Then a lady with tears in her eyes
Took me by the hand and whispered close
“I’ll go with you, if you are afraid”
“The altars so full, there’s no room for me”
Then she hugged me and here’s what she said
There’s room at the altar
Comfort for sorrow
Hope for your heartache
Ease for your pain
There’s room at the altar
Love and forgiveness
Strength for tomorrow
Come kneel again
As a mother of two
With too much to do
I’d strayed from the call of the Lord
My life was so full
But I felt so lost
And I thought I could never come home
But the Spirit moved and I knelt again
As He whispered, “why are you afraid?
My altar’s in My heart of love
Come, my daughter, remember I said”
There’s room at the altar…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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