Ring Through the Hills


  1. Ring Through The Hills Betsy Carter 2:37

What a delightful song! I am so glad Father gave it to me. It is so joyful and pleasant to sing and hear. The shepherds are such an interesting study. I think they picture the fact that Jesus came for the humble, as well as the great (represented by the kings of the east). The shepherds were busy doing what they were supposed to and suddenly such a sight and such a message entrusted to them! Wow! It speaks volumes of how God interacts with man. And they worshipped the tiny King. The story creates all sorts of mental images, it’s simply wonderful! This song is part of my Christmas presentation.
Ring through the hills
The song of the shepherds
Telling good news of what they have seen
Ring through the world
The story of Jesus
Tell of the marvelous
Wonderful, fabulous miracle baby King
The message of Christmas
The message of Jesus
That’s what Christmas is all about
Miracle infant, life everlasting
Bring forth the triumphant shout and
Ring through the hills…
The message is timeless
It’s never changing
Life everlasting is born today
Glorious wonder, shepherds beholding
With unbounded joy we proclaim and
Ring through the hills…
His gift we bring
As we join the shepherds and angels
With glad voices sing peace on earth
Ring through the hills…
Glorious Savior, awesome, magnificent
Jesus the baby King
(c) Betsy L Carter
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