Pursuing Jesus


  1. Pursuing Jesus Betsy Carter 4:30

I love Proverbs 4 and the Lord gave me this song associated with my study of the scripture. As we journey through life and time, we need to be careful to discern our true pursuits. What are our goals for this life? We should examine our hearts, and keep them pure through studying and applying His Word, and through following Jesus. His call for His disciples is to follow Him. I want to honestly make my life’s work a pursuit of Him. Therein lies true wisdom, as the wonderful book of Proverbs promises.
Pursuing Jesus
Keeping my feet on the path
Pursuing Jesus
Keeping my feet on the path
Of righteousness
Pursuing Jesus (pursing Jesus)…
No longer looking to the
Left or to the right
My path is shining brightly
With a Heavenly light
Shining, shining brighter
With every step I take
Towards the day
Pursuing Jesus (pursuing Jesus)…
Diligently keeping my heart
In all purity
Keeping His Word held captive
In the midst of me
Living, living, growing
With His Word giving me health
To all my flesh
Pursuing Jesus (pursuing Jesus)…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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