Prince of Peace


  1. Prince of Peace Betsy Carter 4:11

This is a short version of “My Prince of Peace”, a song used in the musical “Dear Master” and the “The Second Day” presentation. I divided the original song into two separate songs, this one and “Risen King” to use it for congregational worship. It expresses deep love for the Savior. I had an experience recently with an Iranian lady who refugeed from Iran in the 1980s and now lives in the US. We were talking together of world peace. She was of the Ba’hai faith, and I explained that I was a Christian. She said her faith teaches peace, and I told her my faith has the Prince of Peace. Then she asked a question that floored me. I felt like Phillip in the New Testament when the Ethiopian eunuch asked him to explain to him who he was reading about in Isaiah. She asked “who is this prince of peace?” What an open-door opportunity! So I told her it’s Jesus Christ! That He teaches a love that never fails and a peace that nothing else could ever give. Praise Him!!
How lovely You are
My Prince of peace
My wonder of You
Shall never cease
Hallelujah, how we love You
Hallelujah, Prince of peace
Hallelujah, we adore You
Hallelujah, Prince of peace
How fully You’ve graced
My life with good
Your tender care
My covering shield
Hallelujah, how we love You…
Your love and mercy
You breath on me my victory
Your goodness beyond
Forgiving me totally
Hallelujah, how we love You…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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