Press On


  1. Press On Betsy Carter 2:57

The battle for righteousness is between our ears! I want to be a victor and most of the times it takes pressing ourselves past the hindrances and frustrations. His love gives us the power to overcome and it’s worth the fight! Then we can know Him better and reflect Him to those who need Him so much. I want to finish my race and receive that “well done” when I see my Lord.
Press on to know Him
Press on to show Him how the
Love that He’s bestowed on us
Has changed our lives
Press on, press on, press on
Press on to know Jesus Christ
In the crowd you’re only one
But like the lady pressing on
Who through her faith
Touched Jesus’ hem
You can know the healing Son
Press on to know Him…
You know the battle’s for your mind
But when the pressure’s all around
You’ll rise above on Heaven’s wind
Just set your heart on knowing Him
Press on to know Him
Press on to know Him
Press on to know Him
Press on to know Him…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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