Prayer for the Castaway


  1. Prayer for the Castaway Betsy Carter 7:38

We are so fast to condemn. We push people away who desperately need Jesus because they think the church will judge them instead of love them. While we must take a stand against sin, we must even more take a stand to love those who have sinned, who have made mistakes, who have fallen. I think we are the worst to Christians who miss the mark. As Jesus said, first get the beam out of our own eyes that we can see to help them remove the splinter in theirs! Amen!
Tom is slowly dying, wasting in his AIDS
Religion of his childhood
Doesn’t have a place
In his heart he’s wondering
If You have turned Your face
As society casts him away
But we’ll cast no stone at the castaway
For we know in You he’ll see better days
And we know we’re Him but for Your grace
So we’ll cast Your net to save
The castaway
Mary’s felt the flutter, secret shame inside
Decisions without the father
He’s run away to hide
Her family say they’re Christian
But they’ll never understand
To end a life is her plan
But we’ll cast no stone…
For many years John served you sacrificially
Now his pulpit’s silenced by his adultery
In his ear’s he’s hearing
The echo of his fall
In the cries of pain he has caused
But we’ll cast no stone…
We’ll cast Your love past their failures
We’ll cast Your hope
Like a life-line upon the waters
We’ll love the sinners as You’ve loved us
Drawing them in, in Your net of love
And we’ll cast no stone…
(Cast Your love, cast your hope…)
Make us fishers of men…
Lord draw them in…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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