Power of Jesus


  1. Power of Jesus Betsy Carter 2:36

This song is about the infilling of the Holy Spirit. He gives us the power to free us from sin and make us witnesses of Him. This gift is for us today as much as on the day of Pentecost. Thank God that He comes to live in His and empower His church! This song is included in the musical “By Faith” to depict the church’s receiving of the promised Spirit of God.
I believe in the power of Jesus
Power that frees us from our sins
I believe in the pow’r from Heaven
The resurrection power of love
There’s a power that higher
That powers all eternity
Power that created the Heavens
Power that’s livin’ in me
I believe in the power of Jesus…
There’s a power that’s greater
Than anything a man can do
Power to cleanse the leper
Power to cleanse me and you
I believe in the power of Jesus…
There’s a powerful Spirit
Who wants to have holy control
Give Him all now don’t fear it
He’ll fill you up spirit and soul
I believe in the power of Jesus…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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