Playin’ Games With God


  1. Playin' Games with God Betsy Carter 3:08

I have a tendency to do tomorrow what I could and should do today! I think many of us struggle with this, but the Lord corrected me through this song. We truly must lose the world’s way of life that tangles us, and pursue His righteousness first. We can indeed overcome our human nature through His Spirit. In this same way, I think many put off their salvation, thinking they’ll do it “later”. But no one knows if the Lord will call them again. And many are regular church attenders. Get right with Jesus today! This song became part of the musical “Night Visions” and describes the unbelieving, unrepentant husband character.
Puttin’ til tomorrow what could be done today
You fumble through your world
Seekin’ fleshly comforts
Postponing the “day”
Your heart remains stone cold
Takin’ up the spaces in those wooden pews
Your body’s there, your soul’s a million
Miles away
Tellin’ Holy Spirit a different time’ll do
But no one guarantees that He will
Recall you
You’re playin’ games with God
You’re playin’ games with God
You’re playin’ games with God
And you know you gotta lose
Don’t you know that prophecies
Are coming true
The Bible isn’t just some kinda fairy tale
Jesus Christ is comin’
Is He comin’ for you
Or will you wanna wait until the
Ballgame’s through
Takin’ up the spaces in those wooden…
You’re playin’ games with God…
‘Cause they that seek to keep
This life they know
Will wind up reapin’
All the junk they sow
But they that lose this way of
Life on earth, seeking Heaven
Will gain eternal life
Don’t you know that prophecies…
You’re playin’ games with God…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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