Picture This


  1. Picture This Betsy Carter 4:15

My inspiration for this song is the cross. Seeing Jesus there in our mind’s eye, giving His love for us. If people could grasp that vision, if they could “picture this” event in all it’s eternal truth, it would change anyone who gazes upon it. I want so much to picture it for them in music.
Picture this: a way
Of waking every day with a smile
Picture this: a way
Of knowing where you’re going
Every mile
Oh wouldn’t it be grand
To have real freedom
Wouldn’t it be good
To live in peace
Picture this: a Man
Hanging on a cross
Against the sky
Picture that Man
Pouring out His life’s blood
To die
You know it really happened
Do you know why
He gave His life a sacrifice
For you and I
Picture this: a hand
Belonging to a Man
Whose Name is Jesus
Picture that hand reaching out
And clasping yours and mine
Oh wouldn’t it be fine
To be free
You know it’s possible
It could be
Picture yourself free…
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