Only in Jesus


  1. Only In Jesus Betsy Carter 3:43

Guilt is an incredibly powerful force. It drives us away from God. The devil will burden and destroy us with it. Millions of women and the involved men, plus the medical profession are guilty of abortion. In the Lord’s eyes it is murder. But it is NOT the unforgivable sin! God’s love reaches much deeper than the pain of not only abortion, but any sin that we feel is so horribly unforgivable. That’s how great our God is, and how powerful the sacrifice of Jesus Christ! Godly sorrow leads us to repentance. If we truly repent before Him, He will not only forgive but cleanse and restore us and make us new. And He is a great healer of broken hearts.
How can you forgive me my little one
How can you forgive what I have done
To one so innocent and dependent upon me
Only in Jesus is ease for my pain
Only in Jesus is comfort for my shame
Only in Jesus forgiveness for my sin
Only in Jesus is there hope to begin again
My little one in many ways I’m a victim too
They never let me know
That I could never forget you
They didn’t tell me you were really living
(c) Betsy L Carter
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