Only God’s Love


  1. Only God's Love Betsy Carter 4:11

In our culture, we deal with constant change. The only thing that is certain is that everything is changing. I’ve lost many loved ones, and sometimes I miss them so much I can hardly stand it. But we have a love in Christ that never changes. And we have a heavenly Father who never changes. And His Word never changes, HALLELUJAH!!! These are rocks to build our lives upon. My heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord!
Gone too soon the fleeting days
Swiftly pass, swiftly pass
Friends and loved ones gone away
Gone too fast, gone too fast
As my heart longs for a day
When things will stay the same
Be the same
Oh, will there ever come such a time
A time of love
Only God’s love, only God’s love
Will never pass
Only God’s love, only God’s love
Will always last
Gone too soon the love of man
Never lasts, never lasts
Love we knew would always be
Now is past, now is past
In my heart a hunger burns
For love that doesn’t change
Will remain
In my heart the answer lay – Jesus
Only God’s love, only God’s love…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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