One True Friend


  1. One True Friend Betsy Carter 3:51

Relationships are difficult. My album Love Letters is basically about relationships. Jesus encountered many people who wanted something from Him, but very few who honestly loved Him for Himself and not what He could do for them. I have had many who would take from me, and I have tried to freely give. But I can count on one hand those who love me for me, and not what I do. The world has no capacity to love the way God does. Sadly this is also true in the church. My beloved, this ought not to be! But it’s unfortunately normal human behavior. I desire to love others for themselves, and not for what they can do for me. Jesus loves me for me. He loves you for you. How beautiful!
Weary of the flattery
Friends who bring false hopes
Trying to buy me
This world in its duplicity
We jaded victims hungering in our apathy
But You tell me truth, will I turn aside?
But You have the words that bring me life
I believe, I believe in You
(Yes I do) I believe, I believe in You
(All Your words, every word is true)
I believe, I believe in You
My one true Friend, I believe in You
You know I won’t change easily
Skeptical conditioning has fettered me
Your message in its purity
Will I turn away because of its simplicity
That You said I’d never thirst
And I would be fed
And You came to earth to be living bread
I believe, I believe in You…
So I’ll love them all
Though they fail to see
That my one true Friend believed in me
I believe, I believe in You…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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