One in the Father


  1. One in the Father Betsy Carter 2:44

For quite a while my husband wasn’t following Jesus. This situation inspired this heartfelt plea. It became part of the musical drama “Night Visions”.
My beloved, I want so much to
Be one with you
In spirit as well as soul and body
My beloved, I want so much to
Share my joy with you
And for you to know the joy I do
But you are of this world
And I belong to another
And you’re much too busy in the
Things of this world
For us to be one in the Father
A wasteland lies between us
That nothing can cross
Except for your repentant spirit
But I’m calling ‘cross to you
Hoping you’ll respond
Hoping God will give you
Ears to hear it
For you are of this world…
If I’d indulge the flesh, my love
And be as you are
You’d still look for other comfort
I love you spirit, soul and body
And oh what a pity
We can’t be one with each other
For you are of this world…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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