One Cause


  1. One Cause Betsy Carter 4:24

There’s a cause greater than us that we can unite over. The cause of Christ and His Kingdom. It bridges any generational, gender, race, or other potential dividing issue. Jesus’ prayer was that we would be as one, as He and His Father are one. As we focus on Jesus, we can be united in heart, even if we have peripheral differences. And it gives each of us higher purpose, our true purpose.
Generation to generation
Seeking our purpose and a golden dream
Separated in our struggle
Reasons for our yearnings
Are more than they seem
One cause, one hope
One dream that makes it worthwhile
After all to die
Much more to live
One cause – the cause of Christ
One cause
Life’s a puzzle within a puzzle
Seeking the answers, rhythm and the rhyme
Come together over Jesus
Reason in our meaning for this very time
One cause, one hope…
And because of His love
We come together and are strong
And should we die yet we live
For His cause
One cause, one hope…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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