O Holy One


  1. O Holy One Betsy Carter 4:48

My Savior’s agony inspired this song. God showed me that this is where Jesus’ shedding of His blood began. What kind of love is this? The laying down of everything. I cannot comprehend it’s depths, it’s sacrifice, it’s willingness to be shamed, humiliated, rejected, and abandoned; to be whipped, beaten, brutalized and crucified. And most devastating of all, to be separated from His Holy Father, to BECOME sin. I don’t know what that means, but I am in awe and wonder at Who Jesus is for us. And what amazes me the most is that He did have a choice. He actually made the choice to go! Who can resist such a love? But people do every day. I embrace His cross and want to take up my own, somehow, by His grace and power within me and lay my life down, too.
Oh, that night in Gethsemane
Where the shedding of the Savior’s blood began
Where in the darkest hour
Eternity has known
The love of the Holy One was shown
O Holy One, O Holy, Holy One
Where’d You find the love that made You go
O Holy One, Oh Holy, Holy One
What would we have done if You’d said no
Crimson drops sweat His agony
As He struggled with His manhood on His knees
In the cup of crushing decision there was found
The life of the Holy One laid down
O Holy One, O Holy, Holy One
Praise and honor, glory to the
Holy One, O Holy, Holy One
What would we have done if You’d said no
(c) Betsy L Carter
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