New Shelter


  1. New Shelter Betsy Carter 3:16

I think this is one of my more interesting songs, a “think piece”. Relationships can be very difficult. It’s tremendously difficult sometimes to truly open up and be vulnerable with another. My mother was my rock and she endured a great deal in her marriage and sometimes it was hard for her. She didn’t always handle it the greatest way, but much of the time she was a true servant of Christian love and forgiveness and she stuck with him through it all. I think it set a tremendous example of courage and tenacity and in the end he became a Christian. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could each find shelter from the world and it’s storms in the love of our mates! It takes two…but we can always have new shelter in the love of our sweet Savior.
Pressed against the glass of time
Window shopping in my mind
Picturing a different way
Of spending each and ev’ry day with you
How few the times the meeting of our minds
How far apart our hearts as we go on
Pressed against a barrier inside
A glass of darkness, shelter where we hide
We want so much to care
But when we try the barrier is there
Jesus holds the lock and key
To open doors and set us free
A life of inner sanctity
An open heart to share each day with you
Risking baring pain that isn’t healed
Shattering the glass of hurt revealed
Loving in a way that’s truly new
Pouring oil of kindness till we’re through
Through that barrier of darkness, open wide
Finding new shelter, together, this time
(c) Betsy L Carter
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