Never Alone


  1. Never Alone Betsy Carter 3:17

My dear sister was going through divorce. I sat with her many nights, trying to help her through a terrible time. She was a believer and it was so confusing and painful. This is a song the Lord gave me for her, but it comforts me, too, to remember that we have a constant Friend and Companion.
Never alone, never apart
Never alone, no, never apart
Oh lonely heart
Empty of all but pain
Aimlessly wandering
Looking for love again
Oh lonely heart
Fearing your God is gone
Wronged by the world too long
Weary of trying to be strong
But when you’re feeling lost
No place to go
The Father loves you so
You’ll always know
You’re never alone
Never alone, never apart
Never alone, not with
Jesus in your heart
Oh lonely heart
Oh lonely heart suffering needlessly
Jesus can make you see
That you’ll always have
The Friend you need
‘Cause when you’re feeling lost
So far from home
His love will find you so
Wherever you go
You’re never alone
(Never alone, never apart)
You’re never alone
(Never alone)
(c) Betsy L Carter
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