My Prince of Peace


  1. My Prince Of Peace Betsy Carter 6:18

While hanging laundry on the line to dry, I was suddenly overwhelmed by how blessed and happy I felt. My husband was at work, my little children were playing in the yard. It was sunny and calm, quiet and peaceful. I was filled with joy because of how good the Lord had been to me. This song is my psalm of thanksgiving to Him. It became the dramatic pinnacle of the musical drama “Dear Master” and subsequently the one-person presentation “The Second Day”. It always moves me in worship. And for congregational use, I divided it into two songs: “Prince of Peace” and “Risen King”.
How lovely You are my Prince of peace
How You have graced my life with good
My wonder of You shall never cease
Your tender care my covering shield
Your love and mercy overwhelming
Your breath on me my victory
Your goodness beyond understanding
Forgiving me totally
My head is crowned with thoughts of You
My hands held tight in Yours
My heart is warmed by Your Spirit’s caress
My lips shall ever praise You Lord
Hallelujah! How we love You
Hallelujah! Our Prince of peace
Hallelujah! We adore You
Hallelujah! Our Prince of peace
Oh Hallelujah, how we love You
Oh hallelujah, our risen King
Oh Hallelujah, we adore You
Oh hallelujah, our risen King
Hallelujah! He is risen
(c) Betsy L Carter
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