My Champion


  1. My Champion Betsy Carter 4:47

This song is for my dear sister Sherrill. She went to Heaven suddenly and I still have not been able to cry. It’s very rare to have someone who is absolutely always on your side, no matter what, but she was that for me. She was quite a bit older than me, so she was kind of a second mom. She was very talented and some of her art work that is in my collection is included on this website. I will never forget her and look forward to the day when I will be with her again and we can sing together. She was also very musical. She and my other sister taught me to harmonize at age four. I will never forget…
You dressed me like an Indian
Or a princess in your crinoline
Laughing, we would dance in time
To dad’s old guitar
I caught my ankle in your bicycle chain
It hurt me more to see your pain
As you knelt to pick me up and
Cradle me in your arms
And you were always on my side, my champion
I can’t believe you’ve died, my champion
You were more than my sister, you were my friend
I can’t even cry
I’m just not ready for goodbye
(my champion, my champion)
You left our home when I was nine
But you came back when you had time
We’d sing with your brilliant children
Favorite Beatle songs
I tried piano so I’d be more like you
You sang my songs and loved them too
And you told me “don’t give up”
Encouraged me to go on
And you were always on my side, my champion…
So I’ll treasure every memory
All the battles you fought for me
Thank you for your love
And that you believed in me ‘cause you were
Always on my side, my champion…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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