More Than Servant


  1. More Than Servant Betsy Carter 3:54

We have a dear friend in our Lord Jesus Christ. A friend closer than a brother. And the interesting part of this truth is that if we love Him, we will obey and serve Him. He isn’t a “buddy” like we think of friendship. His friendship seeks our best, even if He has to use “tough” love in His friendship to us. He is a true Friend, Who cares unselfishly, not like our earthly friendships tend to be. His is the kind of friendship that dies for us! That is so beyond any other relationship. That’s why we need to tell everyone about Him!
Masters don’t share with their servants
Knowledge of battle plans
But we’re more than servants to Jesus
He tells us His Father’s commands
Every word we’ve pondered in silence
Promises rolled through our hearts
Whispering down in our valleys
Truth that never departs
Go shout upon the mountaintops
Go tell it beginning to end
For we are much more than servant
He’s called us friend
So boldly we march with His Spirit
Hearing His voice bringing cheer
Friendship’s the banner before us
His words marking time through our fear
Cadences giving us courage
Soldiers in rank with the Lord
And as His comrades in battle
We lift our two-edged sword and
Shout upon the mountaintops…
And no greater love than this
That we lay down our lives
For our friendship
That we willingly serve Him
Love-slaves at His command
Go shout upon the mountaintops…
We are much more than servants…
He’s called us friend…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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