Marriage Song


  1. Marriage Song Betsy Carter 4:17

My husband and I had some serious problems at one point in our marriage. I credit the Lord Jesus Christ with literally putting us back together and He did it through the truths in His Word that are reflected in this song. As a woman, I had a really tough time with the whole “submission” thing. Especially in our current culture, this is just not socially or politically acceptable! And it brings up pictures of women being put down, even abused, and it being okay. But that’s not what I realized submission is at all. It is understanding that, like Christ was equal with God but submitted to Him, we are equal in every respect with our husbands. If we weren’t, we couldn’t SUBMIT, because you have to have power and authority in order for there even to be an issue of submission. It can be hard to swallow and even more difficult to live, but the key is for the husband to love his wife and lay down his life for her. It makes it possible for the wife to submit and even obey because she knows her husband is walking with and listening to the Savior and will only desire the best for her. Christ is our example of both roles. My good friend Pastor Don Hall has the wonderful male voice and recorded this song for his album.
If you will love her it will cause her to obey
She’ll know that she can trust you all the way
You should serve God by laying down your life
It’s the things you do much more than what you say
That will bring harmony, unity and peace
A home and family filled with life
A relationship built on the rock
The Word, will surely stand the test of time
If you’ll obey him it will bring about his love
It will show him that you trust him come what may
You should serve God by yielding to your man
In Jesus’ plan there’s just no better way
It brings harmony, unity and peace…
If you will love God with all of your strength
And serve Him in each thing you say and do
You will be able, with a pure and honest heart
To be one with that one He’s given you
Then you’ll see harmony, unity and peace…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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