Man vs Man


  1. Man vs Man Betsy Carter 2:58

This song tells the story of the inspiration. It is from an experience I had, called for jury duty. The whole situation struck me with the fact that so much that’s handled in our courts could be handled privately if people would just talk and be fair with one another. If we would treat others as we would like to be treated, it’d take care of many of the court cases. And what a wonderful world it would be!
I was called in for jury duty just the other day
Everyone was so serious; the skies were pouring rain
But me, I was smiling and giggling to myself
‘Cause I had what they’re looking for: justice and truth
And you know they banned the Bible and prayer in our schools,
But in the courtroom they swore us in on the little black Book
Now can you figure it out; can you see it clear
Can you ever understand
The “juris prudence” and “habeas corpus” of man vs man
They swore me in and sat me down and proceeded to see
If I was what they were looking for to hear their plea
But I just wondered why they couldn’t settle it themselves
Why couldn’t they be honest and talk it all out
Company one and company two against company three
And me sitting and smiling just couldn’t take it too seriously
But can you figure it out; can you see it clear
Can you ever understand
The overruled and state your name of man vs man
They decided to excuse me and I was ever so glad
But I wondered just a little why I was so bad
But then the Lord quickened me to the truth of the whole thing
They didn’t want real justice
They just wanted to win the case
Now I can maybe understand how it could matter to them
If company one and company two got even with company three
But won’t they ever see, won’t they ever learn
Can’t they ever understand
There’s better ways of living in this world than man vs man
I said there’s better ways of living in this world
Than man vs man
(c) Betsy L Carter
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