Man of Vision


  1. Man of Vision Betsy Carter 3:12

My second pastor was a great man of vision. He was part of the inspiration for this song. Later, after a family move, we cried out at our local church for a man of vision to come lead and the Lord used this song as a prayer for the congregation at that time. The local pastor is a vastly underrated essential for the Body of Christ and they face intense challenge from the enemy. We must pray for them!
The world is crying while the Church is sighing
‘Bout the state of affairs; seems like nobody cares
So many shaking ’cause no one’s taking them in hand
Taking the land, leading them on
Lord give us a man of vision
A man of wisdom; give us one
Who is strong, who will stand
And Lord, give him a holy mission
With no division in his heart, a man set apart
A man of God
Don’t take for granted where we each are planted
In good soil we will grow with some loving care
Lord, tend our gardens; we won’t be hardened
Into rock; we’ll open up to God’s man
Lord give us a man of vision…
When you think of him, intercede for him
Cherish and care for his life
The enemy’s striving to steal the anointing
We must fight, we must fight, fight,
Fight, fight for our man of vision…
A man of God; a man of God
(c) Betsy L Carter
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