Lover of Music


  1. Lover of Music Betsy Carter 3:22

I observed people who “couldn’t” worship if the right song wasn’t played. I felt that we are guilty at times of worshipping the music and not the Lord we’re singing about. Music is a fantastic tool created by God for worship, for praise, for teaching about Him and for our enjoyment. But it is a continual challenge to keep our hearts pure in the music world. I was guilty of rock music being too important for me, so much so that the Lord had me stop listening to secular music and to this day I listen very rarely to music that is not Christian oriented or originated. I believe He wanted me to be able to clearly hear His voice and not be swayed by the world’s pull. Music is POWERFUL! I believe the participants of secular concerts are engaging in worship. Scary! This song addresses Christians who love the music but maybe the lifestyle of Christ followers isn’t there.
Lover of music do you love your lyrics
Lover of music do you live the lyrics you love
Playing on your radio
Are they true or are they show
Lover of music do you love your lead-licks
Lover of music would you give them up for the Lord
Would you give up everything
Make Him Lord and make Him King
Background noise for a make-believe life…
Will they give you a cover
Give some peace to your mother
While inside there’s no change at all
Lover of music…
Background noise for a make-believe life…
Lord make it more than lip service
Lord make it living, life changing
Life lasting
Lover of music do you love your lead-licks…
Background noise for a make-believe life…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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