Love of My Heart


  1. Love of My Heart Betsy Carter 3:01

I love my hubby so much! We’ve known each other since we were young teens. He was my first love and will be my only love in this life. This song comes from my love for him in acknowledgement that one day we won’t be married anymore (no marriage in Heaven!) but we will always love each other in our deep friendship.
Love of my heart, my other part
Where I am weak your talents start
Together we form a perfect one
Fashioned in the image of love
Through God’s own Son
Love of my heart you gave me joy
Two gifts of life: our girl and boy
Together we form a family
Strengthened by the bonds of the love
In you and me
Love of my heart
If death should part us
Hold tight to the sight
Of our lives reunited in Christ
Love of my heart if you go first
I truly think my heart would burst
My only hope for comfort comes
From the other love of my heart
God’s own Son
Love of my heart…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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