Love Letters


  1. Love Letters Betsy Carter 3:54

I am one of those strange folks who keeps letters and cards I receive. I even print Emails sometimes so that I can go back and read them. God’s Word is His love letter to us. My heart’s desire is to be so close to Jesus that I, like the Apostle John, lean my head on his shoulder and can hear His heartbeat. Hear His will and purpose, His desires and what pleases Him so that I can follow Him more closely and be more like Him. I call my record production “Listening to the Heart of God” records because that is where the music comes from: that desire and subsequent efforts of my life to find that close place in Christ.
Love letters written
Written in ages past yet
Written with me in mind
Not from a mailbox
Not from a shoebox in the
Top of my closet
But for me to find
Love letters, love letters
Telling me He’ll love me always
Love letters, love letters
Asking me to love Him in return
No postman brings them
No knock upon my door
‘Delivery from a friend’
But one day I’ll see Him
One day my Letter Writer’s
Last words will be fulfilled
He’ll come again
Love letters, love letters…
Reaching me just when I need them
Love letters, love letters…
Making me remember moments
Moments that we’ve shared together
Spirit moving spirit into one
Opening my understanding
Moving me to read them all again
Love letters, love letters…
Asking me to love Him in return
In return, in return
(c) Betsy L Carter
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