Look Up


  1. Look Up Betsy Carter 3:58

I was filled with compassion for the lost when the Lord gave me this song. I believe a great part of the Savior’s heart is for His followers to be loving and bold in sharing with those who don’t know Him. This website is part of my efforts towards that goal. I love to tell His story and sing and talk about Him. I get excited when I see world events shaping up to the time when He returns, just as God’s Word predicts. There’s no time for fear because Jesus IS almost here!
Look up! Look up! Look up
The signs of the times are here
Look up! Look up
The coming of Christ is near
Arise, arise no time to be living in fear
Arise, arise and shine
Let your light shine clear
The fields are ripe to harvest
But the workers are so few
It’s way past time to be ready
‘Cause there’s so much left to do
There’s a world of people dying
And no one seems to be caring
You’ve got a light within you
It’s time for you to be sharing
Look up! Look up! Look up…
The trouble’s all around us
Saying tribulation’s near
With famines and with fightings
And hearts failing men for fear
You’re the salt of this creation
Their lives you are preserving
A light to every nation
It’s time for you to be serving
Look up! Look up! Look up…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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